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Saturday, 21 July 2012

They are my stars :')

Haloo.. Im back.. hihi.. but I know nobody is waiting for my post right?.. but.. what I care? I really love blogging, and will blogging until I bored.. haha..


Ya Allah,,
Panjangkan lah umur-umur mereka yg ku sayangi,, kedua ibu bapaku, abangku, kedua org kakak ku, dan kedua-dua adik kesayanganku.. Berikanlah mereka kehidupan yg baik, harmoni, dan kurniakanlah mereka ketenangan dalam kehidupan mereka. Kurniakanlah mereka kejayaan yang mereka impikan.. Sesungguhnya Ya Allah kepadaMu sahaja aku bermohon.. Amin..

:') I really love them..
Saya ingin membalas jasa n budi mereka semua terhadap saya..
They always support me whenever and wherever I am..
I do really love them..
They are the stars in my life..

Friday, 20 July 2012

SJKC St. Phillip is awesome!

ya,, gmbr ini d pagi hari yg silau n kami sgt penat menaiki bus


pada English Camp yg lalu, kami telah melaksanakan School Visit di SJKC St. Phillip yg sgt awesome!

We were being asked to conduct our activities with the student there..
and this experience is very awesome!

Tlalu byk activities yg kami conduct in order to get ourselves feel ease with the kids. Firstly it was very hard to handle them. However, we successful to finish all of our activities.

I do love kids and school visits. Hopefully we can make it again n again in future.

I also love my teammates that make the school visit successful. Yes! We made it!!

I do love my friends.. :)

from left, eva, lyn and naza

today's entry is about my beloved best friends..

Actually, I love all my best friends ever..
but, the pictures above is the latest hangout picture with some of them..

I have so many best friends.. all of them have their part in my beautiful life.
However, I love them, I repeat, I love them!

Haha,, Ok, I would like to introduce my best friend above..

Naza : the one who wearing yellowish veil..
She is currently studying at Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Kent
and taking Math course..
She is really intelligent and such a nice person!
I love her honest attitude and enjoyful character.. :)

Lyn : The middle one
She studying at Universiti Malaysia Sabah in Chemical Industrial course..
She is really helpful, and clever!
I love her as she is my bestfriend since form 1..

I assume that all of us have our own friends right?
Do appreciate them and love them as much as u afford..
It is not wrong to love our friends..
Our friends are like stars in our life..
They always shining everytime,however, it takes the right person to see them.

Lastly, I do love u all of my friends...

What are my opinion about blogging?

Assalamualaikum anda2 semua..
So, tomorrow all of us(Muslim) akan start berpuasa.. right? so..
dengan ini, saya mengucapkan Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadan.. May Allah bless us!

Hehe, so far, I wanna talk about.. what are my opinion about blogging?

Even I know that nobody want to read my blog since i am anonymous, nobody and not so important
in you all punya life.. but.. who cares , right?


blogging is for me is 
- a medium for share needs, interest, opinions , conflict or anything that can be brought on
- for spreading useful information
- as social network and medium for socialise with other social person..

huhaaa... thats all my opinion..
what about u all??

have fun during this puasa time k..
dont make puasa as your excuse to be passive k.
Love u alls.