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Friday, 20 July 2012

I do love my friends.. :)

from left, eva, lyn and naza

today's entry is about my beloved best friends..

Actually, I love all my best friends ever..
but, the pictures above is the latest hangout picture with some of them..

I have so many best friends.. all of them have their part in my beautiful life.
However, I love them, I repeat, I love them!

Haha,, Ok, I would like to introduce my best friend above..

Naza : the one who wearing yellowish veil..
She is currently studying at Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Kent
and taking Math course..
She is really intelligent and such a nice person!
I love her honest attitude and enjoyful character.. :)

Lyn : The middle one
She studying at Universiti Malaysia Sabah in Chemical Industrial course..
She is really helpful, and clever!
I love her as she is my bestfriend since form 1..

I assume that all of us have our own friends right?
Do appreciate them and love them as much as u afford..
It is not wrong to love our friends..
Our friends are like stars in our life..
They always shining everytime,however, it takes the right person to see them.

Lastly, I do love u all of my friends...

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