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Friday, 21 June 2013

Cerita cuti aku.

Assalamualaikum. Hi.

Hee.... rindunyaaa dgn blog ni..
sepanjang cuti ni x ada pun buka blog ni..
:( :(
So, mlm ni,, mau puaskan hati, mesti update blog.. :)
Hahahahah...ketawa dulu...thennn puas ati aku..

Cuti ni x byk sgt cerita..cuti ada 3 minggu.
First week, dihabiskan brada d KK. sbab abg sy yang first had his wedding reception here, in KK. So, the whole family gathered here la..kami juga jalan2 pegi Kinabalu Park.. :) Bangga sangat jadi org Sabah :) Mls mau cerita, let the pictures tell u thousand words.. hahaha

me with the anaks buah

hi. welcome to Sabah

with Haikal syggg

My parent with the kakak ipar

Grand Ballroom 1b

breakfast with the whole family

Then, second week, Azwad admitted to the hospital due to the Malaria fever, so, I finished my second week at the hospital.. He was very strong as he can survived and get well very fast :') Hope he will always fine and happy :)

After going back to IPG, we celebrated our 2nd years anniversary in the IPG, whole of our class members together went to Windbell Seafood Restaurant.. Nda sedar ni, tetiba ja 2 taun suda d IPG.. another 3 n half years.. May Allah bless my journey :)

with Manda

minta puji dua org sebelah sy tu..



gwiyomi la sgtt

ntah napa ngn kami 3urg ni

happy sbb dapat makan byk.

ada ku kesahhh

x tau apa nak jadi.


iron ladies in the class :)

So, everything went well,,, even sometimes I had many problems and difficulties, but there are always rainbows after the rainy days.. I am still young, there are long journeys for me to survive.. I just hope that people and family can understand me.. Even after everything happen, I am still me. I dont care about others, I just want to be happy and success in my life. I just need to be happy. :')

K la,

Miss E.

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