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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Gaza Kami Bersamamu

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Have your ever heard the suffering of Gaza Citizen? Yes, of course we heard about it..
But, as we heard, and as we watched it on the news, how much we show our care towards them?
I should asked this to myself. Before this, yes, I don't know how to help them.
Tipulah kalau dalam hati yang keras ni tiada terdetik utk membantu atau mengurangkan penderitaan mereka kan? But, I dont know the medium. Previously, I also dont have friends who have the cable with the Saluran Bantuan Gaza.

Untuk dijadikan cerita, and luckily, during the holiday,,, I got the chance to join the activity that requires my energy in order to help the organization to collect money as a fund that would be sent to Gaza. The organization which is really helpful is Persatuan Belia Karisma.

After had many meetings and discussions, we decided to conduct a charity program which is more related to charity sale. The program is Jualan Amal Gaza Kami Bersama Mu.

We done many things, we suffered many bitterness, and we experienced sweet moments.

For me, the program was a new thing for me. Yes, I joined the charity program before, but, when come to the religious matter, I never join it before. So, this is the chance for me.

As i'm also not a rich person and not affordable enough to donate my money to our family in Gaza,
so I decided to donate my energy and join the program.

May Allah bless our family in Gaza :')

A large of appreciation to those AJK who helped me, and invited me to join the program.
I got so many meaningful experience from all of you.
Thank you for never make me feel not belong to you.
Thank you for the unforgettable moment :)
Last but not least, Congratulations for all of us for our success.
You guys are ROCK!! :)

This is the program that I joined during the holiday :)

 Great thanks to all of you,

XoXo :)

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