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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hello 2013 :)

Assalamualaikum and Hi :)

It is the first week of January 2013, yes, first week and I just wished you happy new year...
sy tau suda lambat,, tp better late than never.. :)

I wanna recalled what were happen in 2012 that make me sad, happy, nervous, anxious and everything..

Lately, I am the one who is the most forgetful person.. I am very worried about that because I'm afraid of the symptoms of Alzheimer. Yes, Alzheimer..

But, hopefully it is just temporary..

Ok, since I could not actually recalled what were happened, so.. I just can tell some or a few of the memory..

However, how bad or how good they are, all the memories make me or in a simple meaning,,
make me become the current Eva right now..

by the way, let the pictures tell everything ok?

Yes, I was admitted to the hospital because inspected by the Leptospirosis, but Im actually infected by the viral fever. I was admitted for 3 days 2 nights. What was really meaningful was my friends rather sacrificed just to accompany and force me to the hospital. I love u friends!

Hari Raya Celebration at our class sponsored by Mr Syam :) Thank u sir..

First time we went to 5D studio with my beloved friends :)

Second time we went to 5D Studio, even it is the second time and not necessary to be told but, the important was we went with Miss J, our beloved Language Development lecturer.

I went to Camp Quality with the children who are suffering Leukimia.. the program sponsored by UOB Kay Hian and we finished our camp at the Beringgis Beach Resort

We celebrated Nana's n Manda's birthday at Pizza Hut

We also celebrated Ann's birthday at the Jesselton Point.. what a great prank and celebration!

I managed to enter the Degree Program in IPG Gaya after passed my Foundation program 1 and half year.. Alhamdulillah :)

I finished my time during holiday with Mr Azwad.. Thank u you..!

one of the precious things is also I joined the Program Gaza Kami Bersamamu that gave me many values and nice memories ever! Thanks to all the AJK Program that gave me the chance to join and improve myself.. Thanks!

Hello degree years!

Thank you Allah for the nice story that You created for me in 2012..

Allah knows the best and I hope everything happened makes me a better person in future..

Thank you family, friends and love for the greatest memories..

I hope for a better year in 2013..

Ketawa bersama, nangis bersama, ku bersumpah harap kita mati pun bersama :'(. Bye 2012


thanx and XoXo!


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  2. Nice song eva.. and of course, its a great entry.. :) Hoping the best for u in 2013..

  3. May God bless our friendship! HUG & LOVE to you all.. :)all the best eva!

  4. Hidup ini untuk dinikmati.. nikmati ia seketika tanpa leka.. walaupun kita selalu alpa.. mudah-mudahan hidup mu diberkati..

  5. very meaningful lyrics..semoga friendship kita semakin kuat, insyaAllah, amin. :)

  6. pismp tesl : yes, i will remember all your advices

    Nurul Syazreena : insyaAllah manda....